" it is great to be loved, it is profound to be understood."

You may be asking yourself, how did I get here? And who knew this ol' livestock photographer knew how to photograph people too?!

Well HELLOOO. Here we are. My name is Cate, photography is my jam, and I cannot wait to make magic with YOU!

A little about me? I come from a ranching family in Southwest Montana, I am addicted to all things cattle, I'm a proud #judgingcoach'swife, and I spend more time on the road than most truckers you know. 

I love people who are passionate. My job gives me a front row seat to witness the most raw and genuine forms of love, and it is the best, most humbling feeling I have come across in my short 24 years. And it is for that feeling alone, I will be forever grateful to be your photographer, and above all your friend.